Calorimetry Simulator


calSim1What is CalSim?

Beginning chemistry students can use this app to get a feel for conducting a simple coffee-cup calorimeter experiment.

Quickly set the masses and initial temperatures for your system and go. Observe the output from simulated probes as the system reaches equilibrium. Press “Repeat” to run with the same values or “Setup” to choose a new set.

The Calorimetry Simulator currently has 15 different metals to choose from along with 3 unknowns. Use the simulator to practice calculating the specific heat capacity for the known metals. Once you feel confident with your math, try identifying the three unknowns.

You can also use the simulator to quickly generate your own practice problems to reinforce the concepts. Set up the masses and temperatures, run the trial, record the results. Then, use one or more of the amounts to set up a variety of problems…the best part is you’ll already know the answer!

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