Titration Simulator



What is Titration Simulator?

Beginning chemistry students can use this app to get a feel for conducting an acid-base titration and solving for unknown concentration.
Choose from a set of four strong acids and four strong bases. You’ll be using Bromothymol Blue for your indicator…that’s blue in basic – yellow in acidic. Rotate the lever to control the flow from the ¬†burette and you’ll be titrating in no time.
Press “Reset” to run another trial using the same solutions and concentrations.
Determine the volume of standard solution (in the burette) needed to reach the equivalence point. Then, use the information to calculate the unknown concentration (in the flask). Press “Solve” to check your answer.
Practice mode allows you to see the pH of the solution as you titrate. Challenge mode relies solely on the color change to determine equivalence point.

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